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Tealight Cradle

Wooden Tealight Holder with Candles


  • Slender Tealight Cradle
  • Includes a set of 4 succulent tealight candles
  • Crafted from dark walnut and poplar heartwood
  • Dimensions 11.75in x 3.5in x 2in
  • Natural oiled wood finish



A Tealight Holder that Elevates

Tealight candles--what's not to love about their gentle, flickering light? They're an amazingly easy accent that sets the mood for a calming evening bath, intimate dining experience, or a romantic bedroom hideaway. Now, enhance and elevate (literally!) your tealight candles with this elegantly designed curvy cradle that lifts your lights. Make your candles an all-day display that's worthy of a few "oohs" and "ahhs".

Elegant Design

We like making things of wood that evoke the natural organic feel of the trees they came from. Holding candles doesn't have to be boring! Let's infuse some curves and colors and turn this into a thing of beauty.

Works with standard or battery powered tealights!

Safe and Stable

Don't worry about what could be knocked over! The Tealight Cradle securely holds tealights so they cannot be tipped or bumped out of their places. And, since we've crafted a surprisingly stout piece with real hardwood, this curvy creation is actually quite hardy itself! It will be here to last for generations of loving!

Your Item is Unique

Due to the natural movement and variation of the grain, color, and texture of the hardwoods used in these pieces, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. This means you will receive or gift a genuinely special piece of art that is truly unique! Given this, our images represent what you will receive as closely as is possible!


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