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  • two toned wooden mancala set
  • wooden mancala set, curvy handcrafted board with white glass beads
  • red cedar and white maple mancala board set
  • two tone red and white hardwood handcrafted mancala board set
  • white mancala beads with wooden board
  • child playing mancala game with handmade wooden board
  • curvy pocketed mancala board with dark walnut top, white glass beads
  • assorted colorful wooden mancala boards, bottom view
  • two tone mancala board with dark walnut top
  • mancala board pockets with layered wood design
  • dark walnut mancala board, white maple top with curvy base
  • dark walnut mancala board with maple top
  • red, white, black wood mancala boards in assorted colors
  • red cedar wooden mancala board with modern design
  • red top handmade wooden mancala game board
  • modern design sleek mancala game board
  • colorful natural wood mancala game board
  • arched custom hardwood mancala board
  • handmade mancala game set with wooden board
  • light wood mancala game board with dark layered top
  • white and black mancala board, wooden design with curved base
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Mancala Board Set

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Handcrafted Wooden Mancala Set

  • Handmade wooden mancala set
  • Select wood type
  • Includes glass beads with burlap bag
  • Dimensions 17.5in Long x 6in Wide
  • Natural Oiled Finish


Our mancala board design wasn't meant to be hidden away in the closet. It's an eye-catching display piece that just begs for you to have a seat and play a few games! This curvy wooden gameboard is handmade with a complimentary pair of carefully selected hardwood species.


Mancala is a timeless 2-player strategy game. It takes just a minute to learn, but countless hours to master! Enjoyable for ages 5 through adult.

Caution! Glass beads are small and can be a choking hazard. Keep away from infants and toddlers!