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Essential Oil Bottle Sizes

We put together this little oil holder sizing guide to help you get the perfect match!

Mancala Board

For the longest time, we had this beautiful piece of cedar in our wood stock. This one was so visually striking, we had to make it into something special!

2020 Holiday Ornaments

Here at Curioganic, we wanted to make your holiday shopping a little extra special! While supplies last, we are...

This Little A-frame

We decided it would be fun to make some wall artwork inspired by one of our favorite instagrammers. Even better, we'll be surprising them by...

3D Mountain Carving [Part 2]

After completing the planning phase of our mountain sculpture project, we were ready to move to the shop and start cutting!

3D Mountain Carving

We decided to try replicating our hometown view in a realistically detailed wood sculpture.

Caring for Wood Items

As wood is an organic material, it's good to think of the life of our wood decor and other creations as a continuing journey.

Website Launch

We are pleased to announce that Curioganic now has its own tidy little corner of the internet to call home!