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The Whatnot Tree

Wooden Jewelry Tree


  • Eye-Catching display for jewelry and small knick-knacks
  • Curvy sculpted tree
  • Crafted from dark walnut and heartwood poplar
  • Dimensions 14.5in x 6in x 10in
  • Natural oiled wood finish

$165 $185


Jewelry Tree

This elegant piece stands on its own sturdy base with slender, tree-like branches that support leaf-shaped trays at multiple levels. Whether you decide to use it alone as a decor centerpiece or take advantage of the handy storage and display features, we promise the Whatnot Tree will be a standout in any room it's featured! We especially love it on a vanity, hutch, or dresser.

Beautiful from every angle

Though the overall design of the whatnot tree is curvy, it is flat in just the right place on the back, allowing it to sit perfectly up against a wall or mirror and gently arch its leaves outward for easy use.

Organizer Features

  • ACCESSORY DISHES: The base and three leaves of the whatnot tree are dished to form trays for storage
  • RING PEGS: Short oak pegs create perfect spots to securely hang onto rings
  • NECKLACE HOOKS: A pair of cascaded hooks allows for hanging necklaces up to 24" length


The Whatnot Tree is 100% hardwood constructed with dark walnut, heartwood poplar, and stout oak pegs. Though its shape is slim, the tree is sturdy and ready to hold up to many years of use. In most lighting, the walnut will appear as a dark, vibrant chocolate color. The lighter heartwood poplar has a mild, naturally occuring green tint with some shimmery movement in its grain.

Your Item is Unique

Due to the natural movement and variation of the grain, color, and texture of the hardwoods used in these pieces, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. This means you will receive or gift a genuinely special piece of art that is truly unique! Given this, our images represent what you will receive as closely as is possible!


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