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Small Square Walnut Valet Tray Wooden Catchall Trays in Assorted Sizes 5x5 Catchall Tray for Jewelry Rectangular and Square Wood Valet Trays 7x7 and 5x5 Dark Wood Trays Solid Wood Trays, Dump Trays Walnut Tray with Cherry Tomatoes Group of Wooden Trays

The Curvas Tray

Small Square Walnut Valet Tray


  • Walnut Wood Tray
  • Seamless Carved Design
  • Catchall Tray, Valet Tray
  • Dimensions 5in(127mm) x 5in(127mm) x .75in(19mm)
  • Natural Beeswax Finish
  • One Tray Included

$17 $19


The Curvas Tray

We wanted to make our trays in a way that was special. Inspired by the flow and curves of the wood grain from our trees, we crafted the Curvas Tray with sculpted edges and arched corners. Carved from a single solid piece of walnut, this tray's lines flow into a sturdy flat bottom that will stand the test of many years!

Decorative Essential Organizing

Declutter, tidy, and beautify with this artfully fashioned piece. Commonly known as a catchall tray, dump tray, or valet tray. Now that these are coming out of our own shop, we can't stop putting them everywhere! Great on the nightstand, kitchen counter, or computer desk for organizing. Add a few candles or mini potted plants for a decorative centerpiece or table accent.

Assorted Sizes Available

Available in square or rectangular shapes for a perfect fit to your spot. Choose your size and shape from our assorted options. Or, group different tray sizes together for effect!
  • 5in x 5in
  • 5in x 8in
  • 7in x 7in
  • 7in x 11in

Natural Satin Coating

Our valet trays are finished to a lustrous satin sheen with our essential beeswax and mineral oil finish. Water resistant, food safe, made from Texas beeswax and cooked here in our shop! This finish is non-sealing and can be easily refreshed in a few years if desired.

A Gift Everyone Loves

Looking for a gift? Just about anyone on your list will love receiving a handcrafted Curvas Tray! We think this one is especially nice as a housewarming or wedding gift.

Your Item is Unique

Due to the natural movement and variation of the grain, color, and texture of the hardwood used in these pieces, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. This means you will receive or gift a genuinely special piece of art that is truly unique! Given this, our images represent what you will receive as closely as is possible!


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