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Modern Design Wooden Essential Oils Holder Assorted straight wooden essential oils holders Reversible Design Essential Oils Holder, Walnut and Poplar, 15mL Wooden Essential Oils Holder for Revive Essential Oils Two-Tone Walnut and Poplar Hardwood Essential Oil Holder Pockets 10mL Revive compatible dozen bottles essential oils holder 15mL and 10mL Essential Oils Holders, Contemporary Design Modern Wood Essential Oil Holder Size and Dimensions

Modern Striped Oils Holder

Arched Essential Oils Display for 10mL Bottles


  • Slim wooden holder displays (12) 10mL essential oils
  • Reversible symmetric design
  • Compatible with Revive 10mL essential oils
  • Two-tone dark walnut and heartwood poplar design
  • Dimensions 17.5in x 1.5in x 1.5in
  • Natural oiled wood finish

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Just Right

So simple and effortless it seems like it was always meant to exist. We played with many shapes, styles, and imaginings before arriving at this oil holder design. And you know what? Once we got here, it felt so "right", like we had this one on the edge of our mind all along.

Hold one of these in your hands, with its subtle curve and gentle weight, and you'll see exactly why we love it! Smell the last tinges of natural danish oil that gives a deep character to the wood, and run your fingers over the beautiful charactered grain of walnut and heartwood poplar. A close tailored fit (choose your correct bottle size above) makes your bottles drop in with a satisfying "tock". Just right.

Contemporary Style

This modern design hardwood essential oils holder serves as a lovely accent on a nightstand, dresser, or kitchen counter. Its arched, space saving shape tucks perfectly against flat walls or mirrors. With a reversible symmetric design, this holder may be displayed with either wood species showing so you can pick your favorite side!


  • SLIM FIT: Less than 2" deep
  • MODERN DESIGN: Contemporary feel with clean edges
  • NO-TIP POCKETS: Secure drop-in pockets for 12 oil bottles
  • REVERSIBLE DESIGN: Display your favorite way
  • HARDWOOD CRAFTED: Long lasting two-tone hardwood construction

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Your Item is Unique

Due to the natural movement and variation of the grain, color, and texture of the hardwoods used in these pieces, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. This means you will receive or gift a genuinely special piece of art that is truly unique! Given this, our images represent what you will receive as closely as is possible!


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