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Essential Oil Bottle Sizes

March 6,2021

Essential Oil Bottle Sizing

Oil Holder Sizing

Most oil sellers package their oils in small glass bottles of varying sizes. We researched the market to ensure that our holders work great for all the major brands out there!

If you are looking for a holder for your essential oils, this little guide can help you make sure you get one that's the perfect match! There are three easy ways you can make sure you get the right thing.

1: Measure by Volume

This is easy! If you have some bottles on hand, check their labels. Somewhere on that label, you should be able to find the liquid volume size of the bottle in "mL"; that's how many milliliters your bottle can hold when it's full.

Curioganic Holders are sized by mL volume for easy shopping.

2: Measure By Diameter

If, for some reason, you can't find a mL size or your bottles aren't labeled, here's a handy graphic showing the bottle diameters each of our holder sizes correspond to. If your bottle diameter matches (or is just a bit smaller than) any of these sizes, it should work with our sizes!

Essential Oil Bottle Measurements

3: Measure by Brand

Maybe you are looking to gift a holder to someone and not sure what size to get them? No problem! If you know what oils brand they like to buy, we can help you narrow things down. Here are a few of the popular sellers and the sizes they offer:

Almost There...

Pick a Holder That Fits

Now that you are sure what you need, you're ready to pick out your holder! Most of our designs come in different sizes and natural colors. You can browse our designs by clicking the image below.

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Happy Organizing!

Written by Rick